21 Days of Prayer – Day 12

Readings: Psalm 18:1-50; Genesis 4:17-26; Hebrews 3:1-11; John 1:43-51.

In today’s Gospel reading Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael.  He asked them to be a part of a team.  Jesus knew that Nathanael had a few questions, but he calmed Nathanael’s fears and Nathanael followed Jesus.  A leader should be available and want to learn about their team members.  Those 12 men became the disciples and the stories of their lives have been told across the centuries.  There were many questions asked and lots of communication and shared experiences.  Jesus was the common thread between all of these men.  He was the connection.

Being a part of a business team is about relationships, even though you may not know other members on your team.  It is a connection that you have.  If there will be a day when my whole team gets together, there is that something-in-common that allows conversation to begin.  Questions are asked, answers are given.   Questions and communication build relationships. That is why at the end of every letter I send to my team, I make sure that my team knows that I am available.  I want to build relationships with my team.  I want those on my team to know that they are important, no matter the question.  They are a blessing to me and I desire to be a blessing to them.

My Prayer for my Team: That the Lord would continue to build relationships within the group and with those whom we come in contact.  

Monique’s Post and Periscope today are dealing with conflict and that is a part of relationships, unfortunately.


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