21 Days of Prayer – Day 11

Readings: Psalm 119:1-24; Psalms 12-14; Genesis 4:1-16; Hebrews 2:11-18; John 1:(29-34)35-42.

Often I wonder about goals.  What goals do you have?  I have struggled with goals because I have most times thought them too unattainable so why bother dreaming big or even setting small goals.  Psalm 119: 1-24 is a list of goals for me.  No matter my circumstances, these verses are goals.  May my way be blameless (vs. 1); May I seek HIM with All my heart (vs. 2), etc.  These verses truly are my desire as I continue to pray for you and for our team. May we meditate on His precepts before we tackle our day to day tasks and strive for business and homelife goals.  That was very hard today as I had such a busy day.  I know that I struggle when I am busy.  I struggle because all I want is to hide away and be by myself and that desire is even more pronounced when I have lots to do.  But even as I drove about town, I kept thinking, “may I fix my eyes on His ways” even as I am busy.  I believe that these 21 days are changing me.  My desire is to learn of Him and His ways.  And in those times that I struggle, I am thankful that my Lord struggled and was like me as well, except without sin, of course.  What hope I have because of the Lord.  He is our brother.

Monique’s Post today was about strong relationships today.  I too struggle with communication.  What is too much communication?  Am I spamming my team’s inbox with information or am I too quiet?  Do they know I exist or do they think I just need to go away?  One of my goals before Christmas was to be more communicative with my team.  I have good examples in my upline, but I wanted to make my team know that I care. I have done Care Calls and sent an email almost every week.  I have been greatly encouraged by those that have emailed or texted back, saying thank you.  The Lord is faithful and I am so grateful.  I yearn to have team who has fun together.  Who spurs each other on to good deeds and builds one another up.  My heart yearns to be a leader who fosters community and who shows by good example how to be a leader.  I ask that you pray for that for me.

My Prayer for my Team: That we would not be afraid but would allow the Love of God to cast out the fear of sharing with one another.  May our desire to help others live in wellness bring about fearlessness.  


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