21 Days of Prayer – Day 10

Readings: Psalms 5-6; 10-11; Genesis 3; Hebrews 2:1-10; John 1:19-28

I am enjoying the readings so.  I love the confidence that David has in God.  He still is human and has moments of questions, but he rests in God.  He knows that God is the one who vindicates and calls others to account.

There is much hope amid sadness in the Genesis passage as well.  There is a picture that circulated around the internet around Christmas.  It was a wonderful picture of Mary consoling Eve.  The snake is wrapped around Eve’s leg, but Mary is standing on the head of the snake.  I am so thankful that such a sad story showed a redemptive ending even right away.

The John passage shows the humility of John.  He was a famous man in his day, but he knew even then that he was not Christ.  He knew his role was to build community in preparation for the coming of Christ.

My Prayer for my Team:   Monique talked about community today.   We do not always have it together, but we have a God who loves us.  May we live together knowing and being aware of the fact that no one is perfect.  We are all affected by Eve’s sin, but may we take that into account and be loving to each other.  I pray that community is built in this team and that we are gracious to each other.  


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