21 Days of Prayer – Day 9

Readings: Psalms 1-4; Psalm 7; Genesis 2:4-25; Hebrews 1; John 1:1-18

The Lord is our sustenance.  David writes of this in Psalm 3:5.  God is our salvation.  As I am reading these passages of scripture, I am seeing that God is everything we need.  In today’s Psalms, there seems to be a theme of God answering when David calls.  He too can answer us today.  Many times, I have called out to God and he has answered me.  Not necessarily in the ways that I wanted, but he has answered.  He has closed doors, he has opened doors.  God is our salvation.  He will give us rest.

The Genesis passage reiterates the fact that God made everything and saw that it was good.  The power of a creative God and wonder that he desires that we have good in our lives.

In Hebrews 1, the writer continues the creation theme and talks of Christ being one with God.  He is forever.

And finally, the John passage continues the thought from Hebrews 1:10 of Jesus being one and the same and forever by stating that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.

So where do we go with this?  I believe that we as the created have a God who was and is and is to come.  He created us to be in communion with him.  He wants us to pour out our hearts to him regarding all of our thoughts be it about business, or family or home, and in the end he will give rest.

My Prayer for my team:  I pray that we will be people of our word.  That we would keep our promises to those who have asked us.  I pray that we would follow-up when we said we would.  May we continue to be faithful to stay organized so that we would find time to work on our business and do our follow-up calls.  

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