21 Days of Prayer – Day 4

In the midst of chaos and bickering children, I am comforted to know that

God is with us.

The Lord Reigns.

The Lord is good.

The Lord is faithful.

The Lord is light to the world.

The Lord is hope.

Be still and know that the Lord is good despite the world clamoring and clanging around us.  God is in control.

Readings: Psalms 46, 97; Psalms 96, 100; Isaiah 49:1-7; Revelation 21:22-27; Matthew 12:14-21 (Epiphany)

My Prayer for my team: That we would have love for each other.  That we would build each other up.  That we would model charity and hospitality with each other.  

Monique’s Periscope/youtube blog video is amazing.  God’s will, God’s vision, not my vision, not my will. He uses you where you are.  It won’t look like Suzy’s or Jim’s etc.


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