21 Days of Prayer – Day 1 – Jan. 3, 2016


Two years ago our family embarked on a journey of wellness.  I had been wondering if what we were placing in our bodies and our home was the best that was out there.  I was searching for a more natural way to keep our family above the wellness line.   We didn’t know then, but 10 months later, our journey would find us in a hospital for chemotherapy, then radiation.  Our son, Brennig, had a brain tumor.  We know that God has purpose for whatever he brings us through.  It is to for our betterment and His Glory.  We could not have gone through what we did if we did not have Him walking near, walking beside.   During that time, we rested in God.  We had no choice.  I believe that God brought us Young Living Essential Oils at just the right time.  Brennig’s health was supported with much prayer, Young Living oils and supplements despite going through chemo and radiation.

And now we have entered 2016.  Brennig is doing well.  He had an MRI last week, and the brain tumor is nowhere to be seen.  I have received a blessing from my husband to take my Young Living business to the next level.  But as a believer, the first place to start is with prayer.  And thanks to Monique McLean’s YouInfuse, I have a backbone of how to pray for my team.

Before Christmas, I spent some time thinking how to incorporate Monique’s ideas into my own team.  Not sure how to do that, I sat and 21 quick thoughts for my team were written on paper.  The Lord answered my prayer for wisdom as I am not, generally, a creative person.  I tend to need someone who has gone before me to show me how to do a task.

And so, my 21 days of prayer for my Young Living team and my Young Living business have begun.  I do not know where the Lord is leading me and my family with this business, but we are stepping out in faith that He will lead.  If we step, He will hold our hands.  He will keep our feet from slipping if we but trust His guiding hand.

So for those of you who are reading this and are on my team, this is for you.  For those, who are not on my team, this is how I am praying for my team.  I am using the ESV Book of Common Prayer Lectionary as a Scripture Guide during this time.

Today’s Scriptures, Psalm 68, Psalm 72, 1 Kings 19:9-18, Eph. 4:17-32, and John 6:15-27

My Prayer for myself, as a leader, and my team on Day 1:

May the Lord direct our paths to people whose hearts are prepared and looking for ways of naturally supporting health and wellness.  



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