A Long Time

It has been a really long time since I’ve posted on here. So much has happened. On October 21, our oldest son, Brennig, was diagnosed with a mass in his brain and further tests revealed it to be a non-germinoma germ cell tumor. Simplified that means that he has a tumor in his head that is producing hormones that mimic puberty. He’s thirteen so we didn’t know anything was off until he started having intense headaches and vomiting. We have already had 3 sessions of chemotherapy and are in the middle of a fourth. He will have a total of 6 rounds of chemotherapy and then six weeks of radiation.

We trust in the Lord. He has shown his might. Brennig started out this fight with a betaHcG level at 18,000. After three rounds of chemo, the HcG levels are not able to be measured.  You can read about the whole story and follow it on Caring Bridge here.  It is very difficult to record events in two different places, so I’m going to reserve this blog for whole family events and keep the Caring Bridge site for Brennig.

Thank you all for your prayers.


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