Merry Christmas


After the food has been consumed and the CHRISTmas story read and the presents are opened, there is sometimes a bit of a let down. But you know, I believe this has been one of the best CHRISTmases ever for me. I enjoyed my work as a Mom today.  I made pie and sweet potato casserole (one bite and you’re hooked, I tell you!), and tonight at 8:55 p.m., I started a loaf of sourdough bread. We are so blessed. I am thankful. Though our extended families weren’t here on this day, I am thankful. We got to spend it with a single Chaplain friend. We enjoyed good coffee, good food, good conversation and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

I pray that all of you who read this blog would have a wonderful CHRISTmas. In our tradition, CHRISTmas only started today. We have twelve days to celebrate and I intend on celebrating!!!

May CHRIST live in our hearts this day and all the days hereafter. May we be thankful this day and all hereafter.

God With Us!


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