HAPPY EASTER!!!! or What I did on My Lenten Vacation


It’s been a great Lenten fast from Facebook.  I’m glad to be back.  There were so many things that I wished I could have posted on Facebook, but I love that I get to tell you now.

It was a break from the world and a break in order to focus on what is important.  So what did I do.  Well let’s go back….

Strider (the dog) had an appointment at the vet to be lets say….. hmmmmm, fixed.

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Hamburger Buns


I experimented with all sorts of baking!  Lots of homemade bread.

On March 7, my parents came. My Dad and Douglas worked from the moment they got here until the minute they left on getting the yard started for summer.  7 trees planted.  2 shrubs.  Many shrubs transplanted.  2 rosebush planted and a bathroom painted and a patio made to alleviate the standing water issue in the yard.

My mom does not make Papanate (spelling is not for sure because Low-German is a spoken language, not a written one. In High German it is pepper nuts), so I made a huge batch. Filled a gallon jug and then some. They were all gone by day 5.

Sawing the side boards for the raised beds

Raised Beds All Finished

Burning the Pine Straw. It is used as an inexpensive ground cover. We replaced it with mulch.

Planting trees. It was very hard work in this clay/sand mix of ground


Many an hour were spent in the dirt piles from digging holes for trees


The tents were set up in the yard as a place to play

Strider had time in his play yard. He would have rather been digging in the yard. Needless to say he must be watched at ALL times.

Bath Paint Sample
The picture on the right is the new painted upstairs bathroom. The one on the left is the downstairs one, but I just wanted to show you the paint color that was in the upstairs one before. It had to be repainted because Eric decided at some point that hanging from towel bars was appropriate behavior.

Figuring out how the patio was going to be laid out. Many a car ride to Lowes and Home Depot was made.

Digging in the 2X2s


Finally on the last day here, my Dad took off his work clothes and put on nice clothes to take a picture and go out to eat! They were such a blessing. It went by FAR too quickly.

March 14 we drove to Atlanta to celebrate the ordination of new Anglican Chaplains.  What a blessed weekend of meeting and reacquainting with old friends who are like-minded.  The Lord blessed me so much.  I had struggled with loneliness and at the end of the weekend a Facebook group was formed for all of us Anglican Chaplain spouses who home school.  It was so wonderful.  

Holy Cross Anglican Church were we had the ordination. Such a beautiful church.

And last week we celebrated Holy Week.  Focusing on the last days before Christ’s crucifixion has been a blessing. As a family, we’ve taken the time to sit and talk about what that looked like. Though I don’t think it quite sinks in all the way, especially with Eric. This morning he and I were discussing what Easter really means and he told me that Jesus died on the cross because he had no weapons. I think we’re going to have to do a little more teaching.

Easter is such a wonderful day!  I’m so thankful for the hope that Jesus’ resurrection has given us.  

He IS Risen!!!!!!!


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