What Mama Did – Five Minute Friday


It’s 5 Minute Friday again!  You can join in the fun.  All you have to do is write for 5 minutes on a certain subject found here. Then post it and add it to the blog roll there.  It’s so much fun.  If you want all the details just go to this website.

You can do it!!

Todays topic – What Mama Did – What made your Mama yours.


My Mom was a baker, and a cook.  She always was in the kitchen baking bread when I was little.  That changed a little when she had to go to work after I started school, but I still have distinct memories of all the homemade buns sitting on the counter.  The pans all wrapped in plastic while the round puffs of dough were rising and then the warm buns sitting on tea towels patiently waiting.  I would always pull out the insides first and then eat the yummy crust last.

My parents always opened their home for guests.  I received that from her.  I want to continue to have a home filled with people as my children grow up.  So much fun.  I remember lying in my bed listening to my parents talk late into the night.  I had no idea what they were talking about, but I took comfort in the voices.  I love it that I can do that now.   Cooking and baking are what I love to do.  Oh there are days when I get tired of meal planning, but if I have a reason to bake or to have people over, I am in my element.

I love that hospitality is a gift passed on from Mother to Daughter (and Grandmother to Granddaughter).



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