I’M BAAAAAACK!!! (Five-Minute Friday) “Bare”


REAL Liege (Belgium) Waffles

It’s Five-Minute Friday Again and I’m dawdling my own to-do list by writing a blog post.  I’ve been itching for a while, but to be honest, I most often feel like why would anyone want to read this silly thing.  But since it’s only 5 minutes, why not.

Here is how Five-Minute Friday got started.

Five Minutes are on the clock


Humbling.  That is how I feel blogs are many of the time.  Do I have enough courage to truly show myself in my pony-tail wearing, yoga-pant loving self?  I don’t know what is appropriate at times to put on the internet.  Am I being narcissistic by writing a blog?  Do I only seek attention when I’m writing this thing.  I will be honest, there is something to that.  But I also feel like this blog helps me process things.  Sure it’s out in the public sector, but so are millions of other peoples and I’ve never seen theirs so who really looks at these things?  I saw the number of followers today and I was shocked.  I have 481 people following me?  Really?  Am I really that interesting?  What do I like to do?

I like to make bread, I’m not afraid of yeast.

I like to read books over and over and over and over.  Francine Rivers is just one of my favourite. I had to buy her Mark of the Lion series on Kindle this week because the paper books fell apart.

My children drive me crazy as does my dog.  I was convicted to see them as blessings.  Sometimes, I don’t do that.   I love being at home with them, but I also would LOVE to work at Starbucks and see new faces every morning.

And so my time is done.  What about you?  What can you write for five minutes.

If you do follow me, please say hello in the comments.  I am grateful for you in so many ways.


2 thoughts on “I’M BAAAAAACK!!! (Five-Minute Friday) “Bare”

  1. Hi Jonelle! I follow you and your family and love to keep up with you. I, like you, wear a pony tail and horribly old jeans (instead of the yoga pants!). I too am home with kids all day, not just my own but a myriad of other ones. I also love baking with yeast, it does not scare me. I am still an avid reader and somehow in the last 8 years managed to read 503 different books. (Yes, I keep track of the titles and the author alphabetically…) Though I still prefer to hold the actual book and not an e-reader. Have not yet jumped that hurdle. Thanks for blogging, it is one way to feel connected to friends that you rarely see!
    Love Melissa

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