Wide – Five Minute Friday

3.4 Sunset
So here it is, Friday again.  That means it’s Five-Minute Friday.  Here are the details about Five Minute Friday.  Please join all of us!

Today’s topic….. Wide

Wide…There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy.  Rich Mullins- died too young.  Wish he was still around to right music.  That was 15 years ago that he died.

Wide Open Spaces – Great Song by the Dixie Chicks.  What I love about where I’m from.  Miss my prairies.  Miss my extended family.  Wish we could be stationed in Grand Forks, North Dakota because not only would we be on the prairies, but I would only be 3 hours from my family.

Moving to Augusta.  Our future is WIDE open.  Tomorrow we travel down to Augusta to look at houses.  Scared, petrified and hopeful.  Praying that the house that is out there for us is made clear.  Praying that the Lord would fling the doors WIDE.  Again, I’m so scared.  Praying for my husband’s future position.  Will it be crazy busy, will it be a time to relax for us.  Wish we knew what the Lord was going to do with us there.  Oh well…

Can’t believe tomorrow is almost here.  It’s going to be a crazy two days.  Praying for the kids that they wouldn’t drive us crazy as we look at house after house after house.  Oh Lord, I pray for them.  I have snacks, they have books.  Only Eric is the one that I worry about when it comes to this time.  He’s never met a stranger. He’s so friendly and wants to tell everyone, “I can run REALLY fast.”

So that’s it – Five Minutes are up.

Have a Blessed weekend.  I’m going to go and watch my addicting DIY network as I fold laundry and pack for our trip.


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