The Present and the Future (Five-Minute Friday)

Eric’s Birthday Cake

This is a new thing for me.  I don’t know if I need to vent or if I really just finally have five minutes to just blog about what’s going on in my heart and head.  Here is the link for those that read this  want to join in to this thing called community.

Okay I’m turning on my timer and writing for 5 minutes straight.  Here goes…

It’s been a crazy emotional, happy, sad glorious week.  My four kids are either in VBS or helping in it and so I technically have the morning without them.  But in that time, I have had to shop, return things and I don’t know what else.  Oh yeah, I made a cake for Eric’s 4th Birthday.  That took up so much emotional time that I was completely exhausted and it was my fault.  Silly me for trying to work with fondant for a birthday.  I should have just learned on an everyday cake, but who makes cakes just for everyday?

Douglas and I are in the midst of moving again.  We have a tentative place, but contentment is something that I lack and I don’t really like it that we’re going there.  Restless is a good term.  We thought the Lord was opening other doors, but then after another meeting, discouragement set in.  So we don’t know where we’re going.  All I’m praying is for a thankful heart because thankfulness breeds contentment.  I pray that I would be thankful no matter where we are moving.  My real prayer is for an older woman to come along beside me and encourage me and show me how to live a Godly life in front of my children, but gently lead me there.

I am praying for sunshine.  I was so excited about moving to the South, but we haven’t had sunshine and I’m needing it!  I went for a walk in the misty rain this morning.  Reminded me of Wales, but then it was 40 degrees warmer than Wales.  I am thankful for that.

The Lord is gracious to me and I am Thankful.

Okay folks now it’s your turn.  Turn the timer on andgo.

Blessed Friday everyone.


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