Eric is 4 today!  I can’t believe it.  We are at a retreat in North Carolina right now, and it’s so funny to sit back an analyze him.  He is so different than the other 3 kids.  He cannot eat in a public place, well maybe I should state that differently.  He will not eat in a public place because there is too much going on around him and he would rather be interacting with other kids and his environment.  He gets absolutely hyper after being in Sunday School or childcare or any place where there are lots of kids around.  Eric is a clown and yet he is so very empathetic.  Such a joy that he is to us.  Right now he is into Thor.  He hasn’t seen The Avengers, but he has seen Captain America and LOVES anything having to do with super human strength.  He likes to “pew-pew” (sho0t) things and is always running or jumping and really cannot sit still.  He loves talking about where God is and singing “My God is So Big.”  Life is joyful.  I pray he stays that way always.

Here is his birthday video.

We love you Eric.


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