Chaos and Calm


Sitting in my parents’ yard, the prairie wind blowing the blossoms from the trees.  The sun shining in the sky.

How do I feel?  Half of my heart is 5000 miles away.  Yet I am thankful.  I had a few misgivings while packing up 10 days ago.  I kept thinking if this was the right decision to leave Douglas and let him stay in Germany while the kids and I hopped on the plane back to the US.

Now that we’re a week into the adventure, I’m thankful.  Douglas has been able to get work done and the kids are so happy to be outside in a yard.  Brennig even tried out mowing with Grandpa on Saturday.


Eric’s sleeping now and the house is quiet with the rest of the kids with Grandma.  Will she survive?  I hope so.  I feel bad for the chaos that change brings.  The chaos that change brings to her life and to the kids’ lives.  Their house is not quiet.  Their lives are disrupted.  But the memories that the kids will have with Grandpa, building a race car track out of PVC gutter material will last a lifetime.


We had our first day back at school.  It went okay.  Attitudes could have been better.  Hopefully tomorrow some flexibility will be realized.  We were done by noon.  Praying for quieter voices.  Praying for peaceful hearts.  Praying for love for others, including siblings.

Be still.  He is God.  He will be our guide unto the end.  Thankful.  May the Lord Grant peace to this house.  May I be calm to my children.  May they find peace under the shadow of the cross know that it’s empty.  Christ is not there, He is Risen!!!!


2 thoughts on “Chaos and Calm

  1. I feel silly saying we miss you here when I only saw you once! Just knowing you’re not HERE is sad to me! 🙂

    Very glad you are getting settled and that Douglas is getting work done.

  2. i was so glad to talk to you today and know that you were all there and safely traveled….i know that you all will make it through…and i am sure your parents cherish this time as much as the kids do

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