Zero Days Left


The bags are mostly packed.  The house is still a mess.  Thanks to wonderful friends, I have one clean bathroom that is locked and will not be used until the next tenants arrive.  What a bittersweet day.  It doesn’t help that it is GORGEOUS outside.  

I don’t know what to feel.  So thankful for amazing friends who threw a party last night for us.  The laughter was fantastic.  The kids had a ball and thankfulness floods my heart. 

The world is small and I am glad.  

Continue to pray for Douglas as he tries to work to finish his dissertation.

Pray that our car sells.

Pray that are utilities get closed out sufficiently so that we don’t get a note in a year saying we owe lots of money to utility companies here.  It’s happened.   It scares me.

Pray for our flight tomorrow.  Pray that Eric doesn’t want to eat all day long 🙂 .  Pray that he stays occupied.  Pray that people will be kind to us.  Pray for the kids that they would have peace in their hearts and not argue and fight with each other or with me.  Transition is hard.  Pray that my heart would be understanding to them.

A few more goodbyes this afternoon.  We will see these wonderful people either on this side of heaven or the other.  

Thankful, but sad

Off we go.  


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