8 Days



I’m sitting at my favorite spot in all of Germany. Garmisch. I could live here. If anyone knows of land in Colorado or near mountains for cheap let me know. I want it .

Last night was time change. My body didn’t care. I was up at 4 thinking, trying to pray. Knowing that as soon as we drive to our house this evening, life is going to rev up a few notches. The kids and I have eight days left in Germany. I’m not going to lie, I’m excited. Excited to be spoiled by my mom at her house. Excited to drive Douglas’ truck. Excited to see eric’s reaction to be in the kitchen where my mom iChats with us. How is he going to think when Douglas is still here in Germany in the office where we iChat from. Excited for the kids to finally have grass to run in. We don’t have a yard here. TARGET, ’nuff said.

I also have some misgivings about leaving early. I’m going to miss Douglas. We will be apart for 8 weeks, but I will miss him immensely. He truly is my better half. I’m so glad he will have time to work on his dissertation. But I will miss the conversation and the laughter.

I will also miss the incredible friends we have made in the last years. They have blessed our kids with friends and me with the ability to borrow sugar :). My measure of a good friend is when you can call each other up and talk about nothing, remember that you called about borrowing something, and keep talking about nothing, then realize you’ve been talking for an hour.

I’m also scared. I’m trying hard to pray about my fears. There are many of them. I’m going to list them because if I list them then they will be concrete. They are not in order.

1. Pray that I pack the right things.
2. Pray that as Douglas “packs” up the house, that things will be organized enough that he can find stuff.
3. That the kids will be good on our flight back to America.
4. That a good Samaritan will be on the flight and help if I need it
5. That reverse culture shock would be at a minimum.
6. That cutting off the utilities and leaving our house here in Germany will go smoothly. This is a huge request because there are many bad experience stories here. The paperwork is usually my job, but Douglas will have to do it and then dealing with another language and culture makes it even harder.
7. That the kids will make friends both in Chicago at my parents and then in South Carolina.
8. That our reunions with family and friends would be sweet.
9. Pray that as I travel with the kids that my attitude would be Christ-like even in the face of travel issues. Nothing stresses me more than air travel with children. The thought of 9-plus hours of captivity and the potential of delays etc is daunting. Trying to explain delays and potential issues to children in a calm and godly manner is very hard for me. Calm manner is not my default and so I really really really need prayer for this.
10. That during this week I would stay focused on the task given to me and yet not forget that my kids are also going to be grieving leaving their friends.
11. That I wouldn’t be too scatter-brained in order to stay focused on what NEEDS to be done!
12. That I would say goodbye well to our FANTASTIC friends.

There are many other requests and the Lord knows them.



One thought on “8 Days

  1. I face this in Nov/Dec and I am not looking forward to it. Prayers for your transition, my friend. And, if you need friends in SC, I have SEVERAL there I could introduce you to. Our close friend who led ChapelNext here with Matt moved there to start C-4 this semester and she’ll be there a while.

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