My Fear (Warning: Shallow and Random Blog post ahead)

I have a problem.  I don’t like shopping or I should say I don’t like shopping for me.  I think about shopping and it makes me cringe.  Because we live in Europe and I have four small children, shopping is not something that I have a lot of time to do.  Online shopping drives me bonkers because I can’t feel the fabrics.  I love cotton and I don’t like not being able to feel it when I pass the rack.  I look at the stuff online and besides the fabric issue, I see the stuff and think it would never look good on me with my I’ve-had-four-kids tummy and my broad shoulders.  Plus, I have absolutely no time and hate trying to find a parking spot that fits our van to shop in our “big” city.  So I don’t think that’s even a option.  Probably unfortunate, but something has to give.  Shopping is not high on my priority list.

So last week, when I decided to get out of my flannel “house” pants and big ugly black hoodie, that I normally wear, I found a pair of black leggings, a grey ballet neck short sleeved tunic style sweater and a very old black long sleeve t-shirt to wear underneath. I found a belt, put it on and said, “Yeah I think that’ll work, but I’ll email a pic of this to Douglas and another friend to see if I could get away with it.”  After the response from Douglas saying the picture was too dark, I decided that I would keep it on and change it if he didn’t like when he got home.  He got home, he thought it didn’t look the best.  I got frustrated, not at him, but because I know I need new clothes, but shopping scares me.  I changed into my standard, 6 year old brown cashmere sweather and 6 year old camisole to wear underneath and a pair of jeans.  “What Not to Wear” would have a hey day with me.  In fact, if you want to nominate me, I’ll gladly take it.

When I returned from a meeting, Douglas had been researching “How to look good” websites.  And the beautiful man that he is, he found the BEST website.  So I am giving it to you.  It is a British site so unless you live in Britain, don’t bother shopping from it. But the information is so helpful.    The best part is that they have FREE e-books (pdf) on what articles of clothing look the best for your body type.  Each of the books tells you what you can get rid of in your closet and what item would look great, maybe depends on the item, or don’t even bother.  I downloaded my little book to my iPad and I could take it with me wherever I go, if I have my iPad with me.  They have an e-book for women over forty and books for 4 categories of Standard, Fuller, Tall and Petite and then subcategories for each of those based on body shape like apple, pear etc.  They show top types then go to trousers and jackets and even shoes.  I learned that with my body type I should NEVER wear a crew neck or t-shirt type top.  That’s all I own for the summer.

I haven’t explored the entire website but I’m so glad that my wonderful husband found it for me.  Now I just need to find one to tell me if I can wear hot pink or pale pink.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.  I need to go and get rid of some clothes now.


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