Prayer is a Necessity

I’m sitting up at 11:30 at night in my bed and feeling extremely overwhelmed at the thought of homeschooling this week. Actually it’s my own fault for feeling this way because if I just was a little less Type A and little more Type Z the maybe it wouldn’t matter. I so desire to do EVERYTHING that I want to do and in the end MY schedule ruins everyone else’s attitude. So I desire prayer. Prayer that I would get our kids’ Bible reading into our school day. I pray that we would also take the time to memorize scripture and our CC stuff. It’s so hard, especially now that we’re on the homestretch to Christmas and I have projects to do, to even want to do school. I just want to sit and work on our endless hours of home video that must be put on to DVD, or our infamous Gingerbread house that needs to be worked on, or the cute project I am knitting for a friend. My attitude just wants to do those things and not do school. My children need me and I need them. They are the tether that ties me to the ground. The Lord has given them to me and they are my charge.

Oh Lord help me to be present in my kids’ lives so that I don’t rush to do the things that I need to do at the expense of their hearts. Help my heart to hear theirs as I go about tomorrow. Help me to find the correct discipline that I may teach them of You. Help me to reflect you in everything.


2 thoughts on “Prayer is a Necessity

  1. Girl you are writing my song. Let me share what the Lord revealed to me today and it might comfort your heart.

    (First, though, I think I’m going to combat this exact thing in the future by doing more summer school and taking all of NOV-DEC off each year. I am definitely doing that next year as we PCS in NOV, but even the following years, we would just rather BE together and do stuff than do school. And I have a sweet homeschooling friend who plans an ADVENT MONTH!!! each December. They do no “School” but do advent activities each day!! What a way to honor His birth!)

    From the Jonah Bible Study by Pricilla Shirer:

    Insignificant People + Insignificant Task = Interruption


    Significant People + Significant Task = Divine Intervention.

    Let me show you how this pierced my heart… substitute the kids and their tasks as the first two lines… hurts my heart to type this but it has happened before:

    One of the boys + needs a shoe tied = Interruption.


    So, I’d rather that read:

    One of the boys = needs a shoe tied = Divine Intervention.

    An opportunity presented to me by GOD HIMSELF to interact with one of His precious kids he has loaned to me for such a short time.

    That may have been just for me, but it was powerful.

    You have my prayers… we can exchange prayers, my friend! I’ll pray for peace as you structure your days to fit all that God wants in them and that you can erase from the books what doesn’t need to be there…. please pray that I see my “significant people” and their “significant tasks” as what they are… Divine interventions.

    Love to the peeps!

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