Busy Busy Busy.

My life has revolved around a computer and curriculum for the past month since my parents left.  So this post will be short and sweet but with lots of pictures.  I apologize if the pictures in previous posts have disappeared.  Flickr is not working for me right now so I’m going to do this the old-fashioned way.  Sometimes technology is good, sometimes it stinks!

Eric’s birthday was last weekend and here are a couple of pictures of the cake.  Douglas designed the cake and I iced it.  I will say this, according to Brennig it was an epic fail!  The icing I used was butter and should have used it because it just turned to liquid the moment it touched the cake.  There is no A/C here in Germany and the day of Eric’s party was so incredibly humid and sticky it was a cake decorator’s nightmare.  It tasted fine though.

Eric's 3rd Birthday Cake
Epic Failure!!!
Eric and his cake before it all melted because of the humidity in the air.
Tomatoes from our pots. These were not the tomatoes that the tag said they were 🙂
More Tomatoes
Aren't they weird-looking?

Love seeing all of the goodness that God provides in vegetables.  They are yummy despite their ugliness.  Blessings to you!!!


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