The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Loud Children

I’ve probably named a post this before, since we go to Garmisch-Partenkirchen quite often.  But this time we had Grandma and Grandpa with us so they got to see all the sights that we’ve seen before, but were more than happy to show them again.  Eric’s sickness got better, slowly.  The only thing that was bad about the 4 days in Garmisch, was the weather.  We had a nice afternoon the day we got there (Monday) and Tuesday was beautiful so we took advantage and went to the Partnach Gorge and up the Gorge to the top.


At the entrance to the Gorge


Putting our feet in the very cold water

Funny Translated sign


A Short Rest while walking up the side of the Gorge

Resting at the top of the Gorge

Mom & Dad


View of the Gorge

Partnach Gorge as we go back to the entrance from the top

After the Gorge we decided to continue to take advantage of the beautiful day and went to the Eibsee, a high mountain lake that the kids love swimming in.  Here are a few pics to show you what they did.


Wednesday was a day of great confusion when it came to the weather.  We left the house early to go up the Alpspitzbahn Gondola to the top of the Osterfelderkopf.  Well as we got to the gondola the clouds moved in and covered the top.  We decided to go check email instead and figure out what was going to happen in the afternoon.  After the emails were all checked, we went for lunch at El Greco, our absolutely favourite Greek Restaurant!

My dad’s name is Daniel, so Danielstrasse fits!

Clouds covering the top of the Mountain

Eating at our favourite Greek restaurant.

After lunch Douglas wanted to show my parents the Riessersee Hotel and Lake.  So we drove there and decided to walk around the small lake there.  There we saw the Olympic Bobsled Run that was used until 1966 and was at it’s heyday during the 1936 Olympics.

This is a not a dwarf, nor an actor, but a Bavarian lumberjack


Looking down from the top of the Bobsled run where they pull the bobsleds to the top

Yes, I was there too

Riessersee Lake with the Alpspitze in the background

The sun came out after the walk around the lake so we decided to take advantage and try to go up on the Gondola again.  We went up and thought it was going to be a wet walk down, but the Lord was gracious and the clouds rolled in, but did not drop their moisture.  We hurriedly walked down to the Kreuzeckbahn Gondola down, because the gondolas closed at 5:30.  The views from that walk were absolutely beautiful.

This was the lookout that is built over the edge of the mountain. Here is a better picture of what it actually looks like.

Walking down the mountain.  We were the only ones on the mountain.  It was amazing.  The walk has all sorts of adventures for kids to do.  A story about the Man in the Mountain etc., unfortunately, we really couldn’t do all that stuff because of the time crunch.  Here are some pics of the walk down.

Looking over the mountainside

We made it to the Kreuzeckbahn on time, (Phew), and took the Gondola down.  We got back to the house and the grandparents were very very very very tired.

The next day (Thursday) had horrible weather.  Around 10 or so, the rain stopped and we quickly walked uptown to Garmisch and looked around there, stopped for a cup of coffee and shopped a little.  We got back and the rain started again the moment we got in the door.  So thankful for God’s provision.

Typical Bavarian House paintings

Playing Mexican Train dominoes in the evening.

Friday we headed back home.  As I write this we only have one more day with Grandma and Grandpa here.  So thankful for their help with everything.  Grandpa has played UMPTEEN games and coloured lots of pages with the kids.  Grandma has helped with the MANY MANY MANY MANY loads of laundry.  God is so good and I am so thankful they have come here in the summer.  I hate that we don’t have a definite date for seeing them again.  This life means that we don’t know where the Lord will lead us.


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