Travelling East

Today my parents and the rest of us loaded our minivan and headed east.  To Prague, Czech Republic.  A place that has never been hit by bombs, but was so very isolated during the Communist Era.  We encountered a very interesting rest area.  Where the effects of the Soviet Era hadn’t quite been erased yet and then about 3 miles down the road a brand spanking new McDonalds which at that point was a very welcome sight.  We ate and continued on to our destination, a brand spanking new hotel in the heart of Prague.  The building is old, but the hotel is only 5 weeks old.  It’s beautiful and clean and it sleeps 4 in a room, which in Europe is a miracle.  Oh and it has air conditioning!!!  Here are some pictures to entice you to come.  It is a beautiful city and we really should have planned to stay longer, but we’ll make do with the 2 days we have here.  We’ve done lots already and the kids are snoring beside me as I write.

I apologize, the pictures have not been edited except to put the watermark on them (to prevent people from stealing them).  They are straight out of the camera (SOOC).

Our Great Hotel Room

This is our hotel room.  It’s beautiful and cool on this very muggy day!

Wenceslas Square with the National Museum in the Background

St. Wenceslas Square

The Old New Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.  The Jewish Quarter in Prague was a place where Hitler was planning on building a “museum of the extinct race” so this ghetto wasn’t torn down/burned during his command of Germany.

The Old New Synagogue/Jewish Quarter

Powder Gate

Powder Gate

Eric’s Lego Man.  Eric thinks all Knights are Lego men.  He fell asleep tonight talking about the “zing” (sword) he was holding and the Lego man.

Eric's Lego Man

Tyn Church.  The picture does not do this amazing piece of architecture justice.  We would love to be able to go in the church, but we have so much to do that it’s just not going to happen in the 2 days that we’re here.  The Old Town Square where the church sits, is just amazing!

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church which stands on the opposite side of the Old Town Square.

Jan Hus with St. Nicholas Church in Background

The Jan Hus Monument.  It stands in the middle of The Old Town Square.  I’ll let Wikipedia explain who Jan Hus is.

If you have the opportunity, Prague is beautiful! So worth the visit.


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