Grandma and Grandpa Visit Part 2

Our days have been full.  Here’s what we did, with a few pictures to go along with it.

Monday, LAUNDRY and BRISKET!!!  Really, that’s all we did.  The weather was fantastic for hanging it out and so that’s what we did. Douglas smoked a brisket and we enjoyed our 4th of July without fireworks.  After we were done eating, we all hopped in the car and drove to Megan’s horseback riding class.  Mom and Dad enjoyed seeing Megan do all she does to get her horse ready for the lesson.

Cleaning the hooves


Tuesday we drove a little over an hour to Metz, France and spent the day trying to Geocache which wasn’t very successful, though the sight-seeing was fun.  We did get to see the Portes des Allemagnes (German Gate) and a Templar Knight’s Church, and walked around the city a bunch.  The kids were great though it did help to have extra hands to watch over them and keep one Little entertained.

Temple Neuf and Place de Comedie Fountain

Pied Piper and crew looking for Geocache

Shocker a Picture of Me!

Porte de Allemagnes

Portes des Allemagnes

St. Pierre Nonnaines Church


Metz Street

Is This Jesus

Eric’s asked when he saw the statue, “Is this Jesus?”

Today we decided that no matter the weather we were going to go to the outdoor swimming pool near Douglas’ work.  So that’s what we did.  I would have liked it to be a bit warmer, but everyone else was thankful for the cloud cover.  Eric played in the kiddie pool for 4 1/2 hours.  We met friends unexpectedly and had a great picnic.  What a blessing it is to be together!


The Waterslide!


Playing with Grandpa

Tomorrow it’s grocery shopping and laundry and then Warenekje and sausage for supper.  YUMMY!


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