Grandma and Grandpa Visit Part 1

My parents came into town last Thursday and now we’re hanging out, playing my Mom’s iPad, and relaxing.  The weather has once again warmed up and we’re enjoying the sunshine.  On Thursday we went to Megan’s horseback riding stables to see her lessons.  We thought she was going to have a lesson, but didn’t.  They did show Grandma and Grandpa her favourite horse and the Farrier was there shoeing the horses, so that was fun to see.

Friday was Organizational Day at Douglas’ work.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative so we didn’t stay long, but we did enjoy the bouncy castle, some Legos and the Dog Handler demonstration.

Bouncy Castle Boredom?



Saturday we went to the pool to play.  The best part of the day was Ella learned how to swim underwater.  It was amazing to watch her as she put her mind to putting her head in the water and kicking.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

Grandma and the Littles


With Grandpa

With Daddy


Yesterday was Sunday so we just hung out.  Brennig wanted to whittle a stick he found on a walk with Grandpa, ate ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and Eric found a wet rag and proceeded to whack people with it and a chase ensued.


Ice Cream


I'm Gonna Get You

In the Tree

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday weekend.  Happy Belated Canada Day and Happy 4th of July!

Can’t wait to see what the next two weeks are going to hold!


3 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa Visit Part 1

  1. Hey – I love looking at the pics and especially the comments that accompany them. You do such a great job, Jonelle!! For the time being, it’s the only way we get to know your kids. I wish Jayme would do something similar. God bless, and I know you’re having a blast. Marg.

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