Trinkets, Treasures, and Tales

Last Sunday, we took the gang to Belgium.  We were planning on going to a Memorial Day Ceremony at an American Cemetery near the Netherlands, but we got wonderfully sidetracked.  We went with the B Family and we had a great time in Tongeren at the AMAZING antique/flea market.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a market as big as this.  It went on for streets and streets, in parking garages and in community centers.  Douglas and I have vowed to go back again.

After the market we headed to Eben Emael Fortress.  Mr. B told us all about the Fortress and the amazing WWII history that it contained.  Unfortunately, it was closed to go inside, but we climbed all over the top of it.  The boys had a great time and the weather was fantastic.  Here are some pics of the market and the fortress.  Thanks B Family!!

Playing Poohsticks
Eben-Emael Fortress
Eric and E

The treasures we bought:


Ella's Tea Set
Megan's Porcelain Dressmaker's Dummy that Fits her American Girl doll clothes
Brennig’s Ship In A Bottle

Candle Holders
Colourful Tea Set
Our Trunk






One thought on “Trinkets, Treasures, and Tales

  1. this looks like the kind of place i would go to and never want to leave. you are lucky!!! i love a good flea market and antiques are a weakness for me. I love that trunk.

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