Ella’s 1st Ballet Recital (for the year)

Yesterday, we started celebrating the end of the school year, with the first of two ballet recitals for Ella.  It’s been a trial all year to get her to want to go to Ballet, but she’s only complained a little bit and when you see these little ones perform, it’s all worth it.  Even with all the complaining, she said yesterday that she wants to do it again next year.  I think really she likes the performance part of ballet, not so much the practice part.  We’ll see what happens in the fall.  Here are a few pictures and the video of the performance at the end.  She has another performance at the end of May so we’ll torture you again with that one as well.  The last one was from the rehearsal as Douglas was out of town and I couldn’t videotape and take pictures at the same time and my flash’s batteries decided to die right before the performance started.  Good thing we have another performance at the end of the month.

Here’s the video



2 thoughts on “Ella’s 1st Ballet Recital (for the year)

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Ella’s Ballet Recital!
    She did a superb job and was the prettiest one there!
    No!, I’m not prejudiced!
    Love, Mooga

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