All of our Activities from the Past Week

This past Friday was Brennig’s Birthday. Here are a few pics from that.  He had a great day!  Went for a bike ride with 4 great boys that he’s gotten to know over the past year.  Yes, Z is a bit older than the others, but he’s a nice boy and Brennig enjoys playing Star Wars in the field across the street from us.

B, J, Z, Brennig, and M
Brennig blowing out candles

Last weekend was my 1/2 marathon and it was so much fun.  I finished in 2:02:12.  W, B and I did really well.  So excited to maybe do it again, but not for a little while.  Here are a few shots from that as well.  Can’t help but be patriotic.  The moment I left the house, Douglas had the kids color the Canadian Flag poster.  It made me so proud!!!

Getting Ready to Start

W, Me & B at the Start

Near the Finish Line

Finally, yesterday was Mother’s Day and it was such a wonderful day.  Church in the morning, cards from the kids.  Douglas letting me read a book all afternoon and he cooked supper.  Then after supper we took a walk to the top of the hill and I attempted to take some pictures of the kids.  Enjoy!

Have a great day!


One thought on “All of our Activities from the Past Week

  1. these pictures of the kids are awesome….you have a special talent my friend. happy birthday Brennig!!! and you are awesome and look awesome doing a marathon!!!

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