Brennig’s 10th Birthday!!!!!

Our oldest is officially 10 as of the time this gets posted!!!  I can’t believe it.  When he was born we were living in Wales.  Douglas’ Mom and my Mom had flown in on May 3 thinking that he’d already be here, but he wasn’t.  I got special permission from the midwives to drive 2 hours to get them at Manchester airport.  After picking them up at the airport stopped off at our friends, the Wootten’s house in Liverpool for lunch.  After lunch we drove back to our place to get the Moms settled in.  The next day we drove around some more making sure that they saw the place before the baby showed up.  Still no sign of baby.  Then on Saturday 5 May, we drove to Bangor to walk around there.  By the time we were finished all of the bathrooms were shut and I had this baby pressing on my bladder.  I was in much pain and crying.  We finally decided to just hop in our van and drive home.  Funny thing was, after I sat down in the car, I didn’t have to go to the bathroom anymore.  Later on that evening around 2:30 I woke up and realized that I was having contractions.  They were only about 2 minutes apart.  I woke Douglas up and told him.  We got the Moms up because it was an hour to the hospital and they didn’t want to miss it and we didn’t want them to miss it.  We got to the hospital and I was only barely in labor.  They had pity on me and let me stay.  Luckily by 10:30 that morning was in labor, but I had no idea what I was doing.  At 4:30 they said I could push, but nothing was happening.  The Doctor came in at around 6 and said she would have to get the suction machine and while she was out getting the machine.  Brennig’s head turned from sideways to the way it’s supposed to be.  The Doctor was still out looking for the machine when Douglas called for her to return. She came back and within about 20 minutes Brennig was born without the use of the suction machine.  All the while my mom and Douglas’ mom sat in the waiting area crocheting blankets and dish cloths.

Here’s his story in pictures.


2 thoughts on “Brennig’s 10th Birthday!!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Brennig!!! We can’t believe ewe are already 10 years old!
    Hope ewe know that ewe have an amazing Mom and a pretty terrific Dad! Give Mom that special “Brennig” hug this weekend & let her know ewe are thankful for the many, many things she does so well for ewe.
    May God continue to bless & protect as ewe become the Godly young man He desires.

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