>We are a Mac family.  Love them, wouldn’t go back to a PC for all the gold in Ft. Knox…well maybe for that, but I digress.  So after having a Mac for almost 5 years, we have decided to not pay for our annual MobileMe account.  So that means for all of our family and friends, we need to find a new place to blog.  Though I don’t blog very often, at least I blog somewhat.  That will also mean that I have to get an AOL screen name so that I can iChat with all my family.  So many things…

So friends, my question I have is.  Where do you put slide shows etc, that people can scroll through to look at/print pictures?  Do you use Picasa?  I loved the way iWeb (Mac) had the pictures show up, but I just can’t handle paying 100.00 for something that I know I can get for free.  So all of you out in blogland, please reply to let me know what’s out there.  The next question is do I do a separate blog for me and one for the family or do I just keep this one to keep it simple.  I’m leaning to this one.

Have a great day!!!


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