>Halloween 2010


Not as much candy.  More will-power on my part to get rid of the stuff that rots teeth.  I think it was successful.  I sent all the hard candy/Laffy Taffies to Douglas’ work.  That way we’re not tempted.  We had three kids come to our door, total!  It was a great Halloween.  Phew, it’s done.  Bring on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving.  I am asking all you, 3 people who read this, to continue to pray for the service for the soldiers and their families that we will be starting in Advent.  (28 November).  Continue to pray that we would be honouring to our God and show them His Love.  Pray that we would have musicians that would be willing to play music for (guitar, piano, and we would like drums, but would be willing to do without for now).  Praying also for the Thanksgiving meal we (our family) will be putting on for Single Soldiers and others with families on T-giving day.  A place where we can give a little bit of home to them.   One soldier said today that he was going somewhere else for Thanksgiving where he could “consume alcoholic beverages” and enjoy Thanksgiving.  Pray that others would see us as “family” that we want to be and come despite the fact that there won’t be any of that.  Pray that all we have planned or not planned would be honouring to Him who made us and that we would have a good time fellowshipping with one another.
So excited for these upcoming events.
Now back to Halloween Pictures.


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