>My Mother’s Complaint


According to my mother, there is something dreadfully wrong with the pictures above.  They were taken in Heidelberg this past weekend.  I love them.  I love that I B&W’d them.  I could do more, but I’m just learning this Photoshop thing.  But my mother does not like them.  She keeps saying…..
“Why don’t you get someone else to take the picture so that you can be it.” 
Yes, should I die before the kids are grown, my kids will never know what I looked like because I’m always behind the camera.  So I promise, one day, I will be in the shot.  Until I find someone who can actually use an SLR properly, while we’re out siteseeing, I will be behind the camera.  I just don’t trust people that just have a point and shoot.  SLR’s are a little more complicated, but not much.  Forgive me.

One thought on “>My Mother’s Complaint

  1. >i had a feeling that is what she was going to say…chris gets on me all of the time for refusing to be in pictures. he says the kids will never have anything of us together. i am afraid he might be right.

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