>Thanking the Duggars

>I wanted to post a picture of the Super-family, the Duggars, but it’s hard to find one without horrific and ugly words slandering them.  For all of their quirks, I have to say that I do admire them.  They’ve seemed to put all the ugly words about them away and just do what the Lord has called them to do.  For that they are to be admired.  In a world where families are breaking apart, their family holds it together.  I believe the only way they’ve done it is with the help of the Lord.  I couldn’t do it without Him either.

This week at our house we’ve started a new incentive program, thanks to their book, 20 Kids and Counting, which I borrowed from a friend.  In it, it mentions the Yes Ma’am game.  (Chapter 5)  This is a game/reward system for doing things immediately, thoroughly, cheerfully, and unconditionally.  This is how it enforces the four above points.  “Every time during the day a child answer[s] me with ‘Yes ma’am,’ he or she g[e]ts to put a mark on the chart, and at the end of the month each one earned a penny for every mark.” (Duggar 116).

So we’ve started it and so far it’s working really well.  The only problem I’m going to run into is that here in Germany there are few pennies.  The BX/PX doesn’t work with them at all.  So I will have to figure out how to work it.

Like everything else I’ve started and fizzled out on, we’ll see how this is going in a month.  I’m praying for consistency and the stamina to keep going.

Have a great week!

Under the Shadow of His Wings


One thought on “>Thanking the Duggars

  1. >this sounds great…you are going to have to give me a part way update cause we sure could use some kids with a better attitude and a cheerful heart even when they are being asked to do something they don't want to do.,

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