>Prayer Request, but There’s a Praise Also


Douglas came home on Monday.  It was a sweet reunion.  I feel bad because it always seems that two weeks TDY or an FTX is worse than a year-long deployment.  I think it’s because you don’t really get into a routine.  You just have enough time to adjust and then he’s back again and you have to regroup again.

Along with that, we have a Praise.  Yesterday, Douglas got approval to start a Sunday service for Soldiers and DA employees at the chapel at Miesau.  We’ve been praying about getting approval for this for a long time.  Now the real work begins.  We are thankful for the approval, but we still need to get all sorts of stuff figured out.  We are hoping to have a meal and then the Communion Service after that.  We don’t know yet if it will be once a month or every week.  We’ll see how many people show up.  There is such a desperate need out there for some sort of Service.  Most of the soldiers in Douglas’ unit who have shown interest, will not go anywhere else to church.  Obviously, other churches are missing something.  Not that the church service that we will have will meet everyone’s needs.  Only Christ can do that.   “My God will supply all your needs.”  We just desire to show Christ to these Soldiers and families who have no place of fellowship.

We have so many prayer requests.  If you see this and think about it during the day, please pray for us.

1.  That we would find someone to do some graphic art work for advertising purposes.  We don’t have to pay for advertising, but we have to have some sort of logo to put on the advertising.  We’re praying that someone can do this design work for free!  We also need to have some sort of God-glorifying slogan.  (UGH!  Not sure how I like the slogan thing, but we’ll do it for advertising purposes.)

2.  For music and musicians.  We have received the CCLI license number so we can use others’ music, but we need chorded music for any musicians we get.  We’re praying for GOOD musicians.  People who love playing and would be willing to play songs that aren’t traditional, well the words may be, but not the arrangements.  (No funeral dirges for this family!)

3.  We also need some sort of sound board/sound equipment.  There is a chapel, but there is no sound equipment.  Somehow that needs to

4.  For Soldiers, their families and Civilian workers that come.  Praying for God to be glorified despite our feelings, emotions and days events.  Praying that the Spirit of the Lord would hover over the place of worship and that it would be a place of True Peace for people who may not have peace in other aspects of their lives.

We’re soooo excited, but there are so many things that need to happen.

Peace of Christ to all who stop here.


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