>I’m in a quandry….  I want good flavoured good food that is quick and easy to make, but that my kids will eat.  I also want something that isn’t full of hydrogenated vegetable oils and fat.  You see, I’m in a battle with my weight.  As the heavy kid in school and college, I ate what I wanted when I wanted.  Now, that I’m married with four kids having lost all that weight 3 times, I don’t want to ever look or feel that way again.  So I’m looking for recipes…Good recipes.  I am so tired of the recipes that I make and especially when my husband is gone because I don’t want to cook AT ALL.  So easy is best.  If any of you know of a place online I would be appreciative.  I have a cupboard full of recipe books and I’m just so tired of spending the time hunting.

Thanks much!

Please take the time to say hello.  I love hearing from you!!

By His Grace


2 thoughts on “>Quandry

  1. >you know…if you are willing to subscribe to something e-melaz is really good because you can specialize it for your diet, how many of you there are…i wish i ahd a great answer for you…maybe i could look through some of my recipes and send you a few.

  2. >jonelle,just took a peek at your blog after seeing the address on your email to the home schoolers.i don't know if you like beans, but we do brown rice and different kind of beans at least once a week…if half the world eats this as a staple, how can it be bad :). seriously, it is healthy and fast. my daughter adds cheese to hers, my husband hot sauce, my son just salt. another easy healthy thing is wheat tortillas with cheese and a veggie or two. take two tortillas with stuff in middle and make a quick quesadilla in a frying pan. you can top with tomatoes and lettuce or other veggies. kids like them cut into triangles and dipped in salsa. i won't be able to make it sat to your spontaneous mno, but i hope it goes well and you all have good fellowship. see you soon,karen (crandall)

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