>2 weeks down.

>Okay it’s been two weeks of homeschooling and what have I learned.  Well… I have to have a quiet time with God more than I have to have exercise.  (Dear Lord, help me control my snacking!) I stink at consistency in disciplining my kids and have a hard time having a meek and quiet spirit.  HELP ME, Lord!

I’m lonely for my friends (in NY, SC and Japan especially).  I’m dreading a dreary winter.  I’m already taking Vitamin D because the sun has all about disappeared here.

That the new curriculum is cool and is not as much work as I thought in finding crazy amounts of reading.  My kids are even getting the Literature concepts.  I’m shocked!!!  Ella, my four year old wants to write, but I told her she has to learn to read first, so she’s learning to read.  Mark my words, she will NOT graduate from high school at 16.

Having a 2 year old is exciting especially when he wants in on all the stuff the big kids are doing and then promptly slips and gashes his head open on tile stairs.  Just a part life’s rich pageant.  Yeah for time in the ER.

I’m also living vicariously through my 8 year old, Megan.  She’s now taking English (would prefer western, but it’s easier to transfer from English to Western than the other way around) riding lessons.  It’s in German.  I can’t stay there because then she doesn’t listen to the teacher.  She LOVES every minute of it.  She’s the youngest in the class and has to ride a pony, but she doesn’t care.
Megan and Speedy (He’s not)
Now I must go do something productive and not blog anymore.  Maybe laundry or work on next week’s schedule.  Or maybe I’ll just sit with Ella and watch Mary Poppins.  Why do I have such a hard time just sitting?

One thought on “>2 weeks down.

  1. >friend you should just sit down and chill out…let them wreak havoc around you for an afternoon. poor baby with the stitches…so far, knock on wood, we have not had to do this. i am so jinxing myself by saying that. Meg looks so happy with her pony…what a big girl thing to do and all in german, that is impressive. avery and mitch are doing gymnastics….miss you

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