>Do All Things Without Complaining!

>WARNING:  Whining and Complaining ahead.

What I wouldn’t do for a nanny right now, especially one that looks after kids for free. Or a cleaning lady/housekeeper that could clean my house, for free.  Fat chance, I know.  I have four great kids, but I’m trying desperately to get ready for company that is staying a month and I just need them gone for a while.  So I can clean and organize with loud music playing and then they can return and just watch TV until company arrives so that I don’t have to clean and organize again.  That’s all I want.  Is that too much to ask?

We are about to head into July 2010 and that means a month of company.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am soooooo excited about friends and family coming, but with four kids who make messes, I just want peace and quiet.  My loving husband is also going away for the four days before company comes, so I will be home alone with them.  YEAH!!!  Can you sense the excitement over that possibility?  Again, I love my children, but I hate not having him around at least to take the burden off of me when he gets home from work.

My children will be warped by the television before the weekend is out, I guarantee it!!!!  So that’s it.  Just a little venting is needed and now I’m done.  By the way, I have had time every day that it is sunny to sit out on our outdoor living room and read Love and Respect, by Emerson Eggerichs.  Great book, highly recommend it.  The best part was that he affirmed that in the process of talking with my husband, I am figuring out what I’m feeling/thinking.  I love that book.  Wholly Biblical and just really good.  I just wish my hubby had time to read it and use it with soldiers.  Lives would be changed!

Now I must go and repent of my bad attitude and rejoice for the fact that the Lord has given me 4 healthy children, who desire a mom who is in a happy mood.  May I remember that every little interruption is a teachable moment and not just an encroachment on my time.  Boy, am I selfish!

Signing off

P.S. If there are any blog stalkers out there, I would love to hear from you!  


One thought on “>Do All Things Without Complaining!

  1. >well you know that i am always here…no worries about that. sorry that you are getting no time for what you need to do. i would come and help you if i could.

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