>Back from Life


Okay, I’ve been on a blogging break.  Mainly because of Lent and then I really find myself wondering if what I’m rambling on about is so important that I need to tell the world.  So I’ve decided that I’m just gonna ramble and if people read this, great, if not oh well.  I’ve vented and it’s off my chest.  One of the reasons for this quandry is the fact, that I am not crafty, I can cook, but am very practical in my cooking.  You won’t find ingredients that are hard to find.  I’m NO Martha Stewart.  So really do I have much to tell the world?

We’ve also taken a long trip to England for my husband’s leave.  It was great.  My parents are in Cambridge for 6 months and so we went to see them and to travel to Wales to see where my oldest two were born.  That part was more fun for us than for the kids, though they did love the castles in Wales.  Someday I’ll get pics up somewhere so you can see them.

So now I’m back.  It’s the time of year when I’m picking homeschool curriculum for the year and so that’s always on the back of my mind.  My house is a mess and I want a cleaning lady, but can’t afford it.  My kids are fighting, need shoes, ordered shoes, shoes wrong size, now I have to return them UGH.  Okay so my stream of consciousness is almost done.  Now I must go grocery shopping with ALL the kids.  Oh my days are full of Joy 🙂


One thought on “>Back from Life

  1. >you definitely have stuff to share with us…i love your rambling. if you did not how would i ever keep up with what is going on at the Yates house. Your recipes are great…i go through the same why blog struggle occasionally and come back around to that it is just an outlet for me.

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