>My Dilemma


Okay, I have a dilemma. My youngest, Eric has turned into a terror. Not really. He’s very cute, but very demanding and VERY LOUD!!! He wants to be held and then put down, held and put down. Our church does not have a nursery. So I with much guilt stayed home from church this morning. I don’t get anything out of the service so when I go with him, I keep wondering, “Why do I even bother.” I want to be a part of a church community but it is so hard with a very cantankerous 17 month old. I know everyone says, “Oh we don’t mind, he’s so cute.” I can’t stand the constant screaming for something and then throwing it down.

All you who read this, please give me your opinion. My mom says that her mom and my dad’s mom, who, by the way, had 13 children, stayed home A LOT with toddlers. I’m comforted by that.

I am thankful for the internet which allowed me to listen to Sojourn Community Church in Louisville.  It was the great church that we attended in Louisville.  Can’t believe it’s almost been 5 years.  Even though we are now Anglican, I still miss the fellowship and friends of our churches (yes we attended 2 at the same time) in Louisville.

So that being said, please let me know what you think.  I sincerely love to hear from people, so please please please (on my knees, begging) put a comment in my comment box.

In His Name!


One thought on “>My Dilemma

  1. >oh you poor thing…sorry that he is being hard…but he really is plain adorable. i was just telling chris tonight that being gorgeous is what saves mitchell every time otherwise he would be much more annoying. i would say not to be too hard on yourself about it…you have to do what is right in the moment.

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