>Untangling Teabags, doing German and wondering…

>I was just untangling a bunch of teabags and doing some Rosetta Stone German and realized something.  I, all of a sudden, have a ton of friends who are photographers.  Why?  Is it because Photography as a career is more accessible and easier to do?  Though in talking with my photographer friends, I think it is more work now than ever because of the time involved in editing.  (I wish I could do my wedding pics over, but I don’t think I could fit into my dress anymore.  Things have moved.)

Well that’s my thought for the day.  I don’t know who reads this thing, I know some do, but my world is still quite small.  But in any case, in honour of all my photog friends, I’m posting all their websites to the side.  If any of you need a photographer and are near them, tell them I sent you!  Dave at Pixelated image, doesn’t do portrait photography, he’s too busy taking GORGEOUS pictures of people in exotic places.

Have a great day!


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