>A Funny Thing Happened While Searching for a Green Bean Recipe.

The picture above is Eric before his haircut.

While I was looking for a new way to cook green beans. I stumbled on a website, actually a recipe, but the recipe showed me a blog that has left me laughing and shaking my head for the last three days. Just a warning, it is very very very country. She talks about things that city-folk (which she happens to be) would not have a clue about, neither did she for she married into her country life. By the way, the green bean recipe was good, but maybe I can’t make it right or something, it wasn’t fantastic. So if anyone has a GREAT recipe for snap beans, let me know.

Other than that, let me see what I’ve been up to. Cooking cooking cooking. Today I made Cran-Apple Salsa see next post. I’m going to serve that with cinnamon tortilla chips. Made “Crack” again and then made sausage balls. The old standby for parties. We have to bring snacks to church tomorrow and everyone has brought wonderful things, so I decided to do something kind of Thanksgiving-y. Hopefully it will go over well.

We took the pacifier/soother away from Eric two nights ago. He’s not very happy, but we’re making it. He cried for about 45 minutes this morning for his nap and about 30 minutes this afternoon, so I think we’re getting better. Unfortunately, like Ella, he’s going to be come attached to something else, probably his blanket as well. (Which desperately needs to be washed at the moment! EW!) Oh well, we’re working on the blanket thing with Ella and we’ll work on it with Eric as well.

Last week our family went to Bastogne, Belgium where the Battle of the Bulge took place. It was great. The pastries were fantastic! If you don’t know anything about WWII, which is one of my favourite periods in history, this is an awesome place to visit because it was so key to the Allied Victory. We found the woods were soldiers were holed up before they got the key towns needed for a victory. The foxholes are still there, thanks to some boy scouts in the area. We would love to go back again. If you want a quick glimpse into what it was like fighting you can see the movie, “Band of Brothers.” Or you can read the book, which surprisingly, the movie followed quite closely! You can see pics of our trip here.

Thanksgiving is coming up. We’re going to our friends that live near Baumholder. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to make all the food too. For Christmas I’m going to do an Advent wreath and a gingerbread house, so those will be on the agenda next weekend along with the tree decorating and the watching of “Christmas Vacation” while the tree is being put up. I’ll post pictures when we’re done with those. We bought everything for the gingerbread house, but I don’t have the actual house made yet. You may ask, “Why don’t you just buy one?” Well I’m a glutton for punishment and I like learning new things, like how to make candy glass for a lake etc.

So that is what’s up with me. We’re almost done 1/3 of our school year so that’s good, though we’re not so rushed this year because of moving, I still feel like I need to not take this next week off. Oh my silly, Type-A self!!!

Well I should go and put receipts into our budget program. Another wonderful thing that I looooooove to do!

Have a wonderful weekend and blessed Sabbath!


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