>Happy Thanksgiving


Yes, it’s fall and it’s the second week in October. That means for all of Canada it’s Thanksgiving. For Manitobans it means snow! (I’m so sorry it snowed early this year!) As I think about Thanksgiving and family my thoughts turn to the fact that food is so important to us and especially to those of us who are Mennonites. The thought of food and Mennonites brings me to realize with trepidation that my wonderful, albeit non-Mennonite, husband wants Varenekye and farmer sausage for Christmas.

So because of that I’ve been “neglecting” my children by letting them watch a movie and I’ve been trying to find out on the internet the name of dry-curd cottage cheese in German. I was told that you can get it here, but I didn’t know the name of it. I think I’ve found it!!!!!! I’ll now go out and have to find it in the grocery store. Next on the agenda is the Farmer Sausage. In my research I’ve also found out that farmer sausage is nothing more that coarse ground pork and salt and pepper (maybe garlic too) in a casing and then smoked. I’ll have to figure out if the butcher in our town can do this. I know he has a smoker, so we’ll try and figure it out. It makes me excited just thinking about it.

Looking for farmer sausage and Varenekje made go back to a great blog, Mennonite Girls Can Cook. It has wonderful recipes that look really good. So if you are wondering what Mennonites eat, you can see all of the recipes there! (Hint, bread, meat, potatoes, bread, sweets, bread, jam, pickles, bread, cheese, bread).

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Canadians. May the Lord of the harvest bring joy to you and your families!


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