>Thoughts on Chores

>I’ve been stressed out for the last oh 8 weeks or so. Yeah, pretty much since we moved here. Not so much because of what is happening in our home as to how to do what we do in our home. School has started and we’ve got a rhythm going with that, but there are other aspects to life that I’m stressed/worrying/contemplating etc. I was taught when I was six to clean my room. (I still hate cleaning to this day!) I’m a selfish creature and I would rather read a book than clean. But I also have learned over the years that it is much more enjoyable to get your work done and read a book, than to read a book knowing that the work you had to get done was hanging over your head. In college I would get my papers done long before they were due so that I didn’t have them hanging over my head! I’m strange I know.

I don’t know if my parents instilled that in me or what. I think it just naturally came out. I remember when we moved to Kentucky, in 1995, I hated that the chore/cleaning day was Saturday. Why Saturday? It is the weekend. So I would clean my room on Friday nights. (I didn’t have much of a social life at that point or I would clean quickly when I got home from work/school so that I could go out.) I remember being stubborn and asserting my sinful will and complaining about cleaning. I still do it to this day, though mainly in thoughts, not out loud. Douglas, in his wisdom, while I was pregnant with Megan suggested I do a little each day. I have followed that faithfully since then. It helps me not feel overwhelmed.

So now my oldest children are 8 and 7 and are older than I was when I learned how to clean my room. They clean the bathrooms, they tidy up their rooms (sort of) and I would like them to do a little more. Not so that I have more free time, though that is an added bonus, but so that they learn how to be responsible and so that when they get married their spouses won’t think they were lazy bums or helpless. I’m realizing that I have a fight on my hands for I have two children who love their free time as we all do. I’m praying that they would understand that in order to have a happy home they have to help me. Because of the time spent homeschooling (on average 3 hours a day, usually a little less). I need their help to run this home smoothly. So as I contemplate, with the help of Douglas, a new chore system and add to their lives new chores (like folding laundry and picking up the shoes at the door, which I think are not too harsh for an eight year old and a seven year old). I’m asking for prayer for their attitudes and mine. I will have to help them at first. Teaching them how to do things well. I ask for my children’s open hearts that are willing to listen to me and the heart of God who asks us to look at the ant in Proverbs. I pray that they would have obedient hearts who are willing to do all things

With a Hardworking Attitude

May my Children have hearts that are obedient and that I may have a patient heart to guide them with kindness and love!


One thought on “>Thoughts on Chores

  1. >if you figure out how to get them to do the chores let me know. i am always struggling to get M and A to help. We did recently start a chore jar that they randomly pick one from and that seems to be more fun and like a game to them so they like doing it and a job gets done.

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