>I’m back

>Well I finally have internet at the house and so I’m taking advantage of it. Hopefully, not so much so that I get a letter from the internet company saying I’ve used too much bandwidth. Crazy. They have rules for how much bandwidth you can use. YIKES! My computer arrived and had to update a bunch of stuff so hopefully, they’ll forgive me.

We are in and despite the horribly dirty floors from using the Swiffer wet jet (yes it makes your floors dirtier!), the house is great. Douglas has mopped the floors four times just to get the gunk up. We bought an area rug, but it was too big so we’ll have to take it back. Bought 500.00 worth of groceries (not quite sure why it’s cost so much!); found some friends for Brennig (a huge answer to prayer!) Now for Megan & Ella…and me.

Tomorrow our household goods arrive and I’m excited to have my bed and my couch that doesn’t smell like dog.

okay this sounds pretty negative, but really with the temp in the high 30s celsius, I can’t complain about the weather. The Lord is continuing to bless us and we are praying that despite my extremely loud children, that we would be a blessing to our neighbours. We have a Polish Baba across the street that takes care of our landlord’s frail parents. She brought the kids popsicles this morning. She counted the kids and said where the baby was (He was sleeping!) I’m very thankful that my parents spoke German because even if I can’t speak, at least I can get the jist of most conversations.

A good day! Continue to pray for friends for me. I would love to have a German friend who could speak German to me intensively.


One thought on “>I’m back

  1. >I know what you mean about the floors, it's a constant thing for me, I HATE tile/wood floors but I love them! 🙂 Well, what I should say is I hate to clean tile/wood!I know you will be so happy to see you things! And I think I could have spent $500.00 too! 🙂 Now that I'm home I keep thinking of things I should have gotten! Ha.

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