Okay this is our new car. (Not this exact one, but one just like it) Or will be tomorrow morning. Amazing story of how once again, God provided at the right time!!! All day Douglas has been running around trying to arrange to test-drive used cars. We’d hear from one person and then they wouldn’t show up at the arranged meeting area. He’d look online again and then call the person and it was sold. Well he arranged to see a Camry at around 3 this afternoon and it was a good car, but the tires needed to be balanced and it needed a government inspection. So he said we’d call him back tomorrow morning after we went to the Air Base to see two other cars that we’d been looking at online. We got to the “Lemon” Lot and the Car #1’s owner wasn’t there. This was the 2nd time they hadn’t shown up to meet us. Douglas was fed up. I got out of our van and saw this little VW Vento (European Jetta) sitting there. I’ve always wanted a Jetta and this one was priced right. Way under our budgeted amount, we could pay cash and it wouldn’t owe us anything in 3 years. We even will have money to fix it if needed. Since car #1 owner still hadn’t shown up, we called the VW owner and he said that he had had it inspected this morning. He had dropped it off at the lot 20 minutes before we arrived. Douglas arranged to take it for a drive tomorrow morning.

We continued to wait until Car #2’s owner to come and meet us for a test drive. Finally, Car #1’s owners came and we found out that they’re friends are our neighbours and the husband is a teacher at the local DoD (Dept of Defense) school and they live near us in the same town. After we talked with the couple, Douglas called up the VW’s owner and said that even though we hadn’t driven it it was in such beautiful shape that we couldn’t pass it up. The owner had bought it for his daughter and she’d only used it for 2 months before she went back to the US. It doesn’t have a scratch on it. Douglas will meet the owner tomorrow and then the paperwork will be taken care of. God provided amazingly!!!!

Now for the funny story. After it was all said and done, we decided to go the brand new Macaroni Grill on the Air Base in celebration. The kids had their kids meals and the waiter came around and milled the Parmesan cheese on their meals. He said, “Say when.” Brennig said, “Okay.” Then he went around to Ella. He said, “Say when.” Ella said, “Tomorrow.” ‘Nuff Said.

Have a great day!


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