>The title says it all. After feeling very discouraged last night, partly because we found out that the Air Force gets 90 days to find a house and we only get 30, (so unfair!!), and that the phone numbers that the Housing office had for landlords, don’t seem to work or that there are 15 people in front of you wanting it or that it’s too far away or there’s no yard, have to park on the street, it’s dirty etc. The Lord heard our plea and had the best waiting for us. God in His providence, had the owner/housing office put the wrong contact phone number in the advertisement. Though our sponsor had gone over earlier in the week to look at it and was pleased with the house, he also stated to us that the driveway was very steep and not good come winter. We decided that it wouldn’t be good for us.

This morning after Breakfast, Douglas went into the other hotel room we have and spent about 2 hours on the phone and waiting for calls back from various places to rent/landlords. Finally at about 10:30 he comes into the room where the kids and I were and said, we’re going for a drive to look at a few places. So we hop in the car and go look at one that’s just up the hill from our hotel. HORRIBLE!!! No yard, no place for the kids to play/it hadn’t been mowed all summer. So then Douglas gets the idea to look at the house that our sponsor had looked at on our behalf, but had said it’s too steep. The phone number to contact the landlord was wrong, but went Douglas goes into “assertive” mode, watch out!! So we drove along all these windy roads. (Don’t ask me how to get there because I have absolutely no idea!!!) We found the house, with the help of a good GPS, and drove down the driveway. We saw the other entrance that was flat. Then Douglas got out and rang the doorbell. (I would never have the guts to do that!) Out comes the Mom in her pajamas. Smiling, obviously American. I can tell by Douglas’ mannerisms that it’s a good sign. He comes back to the car and tells us to come inside. All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!! Tile/Laminate flooring throughout. Small eat in kitchen. (Good for the kids and me, but not for all of us!) Huge dining/living room. 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Walk-in closet. 2 of the 6 bedrooms are in the “attic”. They are the length of the entire house. It was built in 2007. The best part is that it is easy for Douglas to get to work or me to get to Ramstein/Landstuhl for groceries/hospital/Dr. There are kids all over the place. There is no yard, but a green space across the street and behind the house. The mom said that there were boys and girls that live in the surrounding houses.

We still have to sign papers yet, but we have been in contact with the Landlord’s son who speaks English and the papers will hopefully get signed in the next few days.

Your prayers were heard again by a Great God!!! There are still prayer requests for us. A cheap/good-working car and that all the paperwork regarding this house will be signed and everything will fall into place. Pray also that I pass my driver’s test on Thursday of this coming week. Thankfully, it’s just a written test.

Have a good weekend! Thanks again!


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