>Italian Ice–Gotta Love It!!!

>Yesterday we found the ALDI!!!!!! Yahoo. We found lots of things cheaper than on post and few more things that were comparable. At the Aldi here, they have an entire row of Chocolate things. 300 lb Douglas, his alter ego, loves this. We walked to the store and it was easy to get to. Last night for supper we went to a Thai place to eat. The kids cleaned their plates 3 times. So proud of them. They ate bean sprouts and everything. After that we went to an Italian Ice place. Oh my goodness, was that amazing! They make ice cream look like spaghetti. So if you come here, we’ll take you there. Food is Art at this place.

If you think of it, pray that we find a cell-phone that is as cheap as possible. Also that we would find a car. We haven’t had a chance to look yet, but we’re trying to find a cheap car that is in pretty good shape. We didn’t really want to buy another car, but we also have little choice. We can’t be beholding to our sponsor’s forever. I think they’re getting tired of us too!


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