>Hard to Be Quiet When You Have a Big-Mouth Mama Like Me!

>My children are loud!!!!! I’ve always known this. I have been told, since the day I was born, that I was loud. I’m a loud-talker (is this a Seinfeld episode?). So it is no wonder, that Ella, especially, is a loud talker too. Douglas and I are so glad that we’ve moved to Germany because maybe it will teach all of us (including myself) how to speak quietly. We arrived on Friday and there have been a lot of shshshshs going on.

We are staying a wonderful hotel, though we are in two rooms because our family is toooo big. The breakfast is great! They have a wonderful staff. Every time we walk up the stairs to our room, we’re constantly saying Sh! After being cooped up here for the last three days, mainly because of rain, not because we don’t have car (though I wish we did!), we decided we HAD to get out of the room. So we got on our shoes and hiked out the door. We walked up to the “city” of Landstuhl. Cute little town, everything was closed because it was Sunday, but I didn’t care, I was outside the hotel room. We found the ice cream shop, pizza places, even the pharmacy and an outdoor clothing shop (which I have to go and see about a rain jacket). In order to get to the main part of Landstuhl, we have to walk underneath the railroad tracks through a tunnel. It’s not practical to put wall-to-wall carpeting in tunnels so there are tiles. What do tiles do, but echo. The first thing the kids asked was if they could yell Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum. We said NO!!! At least they asked before they did it! You could see it was all Ella could do to keep quiet during our walk through. But she managed until the last step out of the tunnel. When she just couldn’t contain it any longer and yelled a quick AH! They did pretty well.

I will admit to having a meltdown yesterday. I couldn’t help it. It was raining, we don’t have a car, don’t have a house, didn’t really think we had a place to go. I was tired from jet-lag and felt closed in. We went for a walk and that changed somewhat. I’m amazed that the Grace of God when he gave me a pretty good night’s sleep last night, and suddenly the whole world changes and everything looks different! Douglas has been looking online for a house and the ones he has found look good, but the bad news is, if they work out we’ll have to be here in the hotel for a month. That seemed horrible yesterday, but today it all seems to be okay! He kept saying something like this “if we can put up with a little stress in order to have a better house then I’d rather do that than get in a house right now and be disappointed.” Okay, it’s something like that. So after sleeping on that, I will have to agree with him. We’re in a different country, can’t speak the language at all, but we’ll make do and pray that God gets glorified in the process.

By His Grace We’ll Get Through This Thing!


2 thoughts on “>Hard to Be Quiet When You Have a Big-Mouth Mama Like Me!

  1. >I can totally relate, Jonelle. I find myself being much louder than I ever used to be, and my kids seem very loud to me. Sam, in particular has been diagnosed by Chris and I with "voice immodulation disorder." Have you ever seen that SNL skit with Will Ferrel? Here's a link: http://www.clipshack.com/Clip.aspx?key=5CAFD7C894F4C17CI'll be praying for you during this trying time. It is so hard to be in close quarters with everyone for so long and I know there's anxiety about finding a house. The Lord is faithful! And one day, you'll look back, and this time will seem so brief. But I will be praying for extra grace for you and Douglas, and the provision of lots of diversions for your sweeties. Love to all, Jen.

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