>We’re Here

>Well, I decided to start writing my blog again. I’m sitting in a hotel room listening to Eric cry because he’s crawling around on the floor and getting in trouble while being completely exhausted!!! The joys of 6 people in a hotel room. We have two rooms, but we can’t live without each other :)!!!! Douglas has been out with his XO (Executive Officer, his boss) who is also our sponsor. Great Christian couple!!! They volunteered to chauffeur us around so that they could see what being a sponsor is all about. They took us to the BX/Commissary yesterday and also to a Chuck-E-Cheese like place for kids on post.

I’ve been borderline comatose since yesterday. I can’t sit around more than 5 minutes without falling asleep. I don’t remember feeling this exhausted from the other times we’ve been overseas. Oh well, everytime is different. I would send pics, but we haven’t even thought about getting the camera out.

It’s now 9:18 and it’s still bright as day outside. Gonna love summers here! Winter’s going to be very dark. Eric is still awake despite having only had a 45 minute nap all day. Hopefully, he’ll drop over soon. Tonight we went to the Bowman’s (Douglas’ XO) for supper. What a great family. He and his wife just got married about six weeks ago. They are so giving! I aim to be that way as soon as we find a house.

We drove and found a house that was advertised as we were travelling home tonight. It was huge, but it was on a corner of a busy road and did not have proper parking for the humongous vehicle we’ll have whenever the boat lands at Bremerhaven.

Well I should quit now. Brennig just beat Douglas at Mancala and the girls are asleep. Have a great day/night.


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