The last two weeks have been crazy. Eric’s been to the ER and had an ear infection. Douglas got crazy sick with a virus which turned into Bacterial Bronchitis (PTL for Antibiotics!), and we planned and pulled off a birthday party for Brennig and Megan.

Thankfully, Douglas was feeling better by Thursday and the party was a go. It was 95 degrees outside, but it was a lot of fun. Brennig and Megan love the Amazing Race and so we had an Amazing Race Party. The kids all had to do tasks to do. We were going to do prizes, but it was so hot that before we could get the prizes out, the sprinkler turned on and that was the most important thing at that moment. The sprinkler stayed on for a good while and then we had lunch and cake and then the water balloons came out!

Thank you to all who helped! I couldn’t have done any of it without you!!!!

We are at the 39-days-until-we-leave mark. We have a sponsor overseas (someone who shows us the ropes when we get to Germany). I don’t have my passport, but I believe it is at the office waiting to be picked up. I have finished most of my projects that I wanted to get done. Now we’re just heading into the home stretch.

Continue to pray for Douglas as he is behind on his prospectus because of his illness, but will hopefully get that done soon. We are going to Corpus Christi this weekend to get pictures of the kids on the beach and to have a fun beach weekend. (Douglas doesn’t like sand, but I do!) Can’t wait to just be lazy for a weekend and be with friends at the same time.


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  1. >my goodness…i bet those 39 days are going to go by quickly. Happy Birthday to Brenning and Megan!! We wish we were there to celebrate with you

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