>Easter and Other Stuff


Easter is over! We can now wear white! We only have around 9 more weeks in San Antonio and then we head out. Can’t believe it! We finally have orders! We went to a meeting yesterday and Douglas came out to meet me before it with them in his hands! I am so relieved! I did find out last week that we were going to get orders even if our passports weren’t ready. Next week the transportation (packing) meetings begin.

I also finished the two duvets this week! I hate zippers, that’s all I have to say. They’re done and that’s all I have to say. Now on to scrapbooking, but first a trip up to Mckinney, TX for a visit with my cousins for the weekend.

Douglas has until the end of April to finish his prospectus, please pray that he finds peace and quiet to finish it. He has started. It’s just a matter of finishing it.

That’s it, I’ve got to get back to checking spelling tests for the kids. Have a great weekend!


One thought on “>Easter and Other Stuff

  1. >Jonelle, it was good to visit with you last evening, to hear about God’s plans for the next thing in your life; I’ll look forward to checking your blog in the months ahead. blessings to you- the Yates headed across the ocean.Darcie

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